Coronavirus Update/ Returning to the Office: AEI now IMEG is in the process of preparing our office for staff to return on a modified schedule, providing the City of Boston re-opening guidelines continue to move forward. During quarantine, AEI now IMEG's staff have successfully worked remotely. Every staff member is equipped with the same equipment at home as they have in the office to ensure efficiency and seamless transitions between workstations. We will continue to work remotely and will provide a formal reopening date when it's available. At this time, only staff will be allowed in our space. Our contact information and policies on in person meetings and site visits remain the same as they have since early March. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

About Us

we are serious about building systems engineering.

we are passionate about sustainability, efficiency, and technology.

we are committed to our staff,
our clients, our work ethic, and our community.


and we love dogs.

AEI is now IMEG! Learn more about our transition.

Founded in 1985 by Robin Greenleaf, AEI now IMEG provides innovative solutions to engineering problems in the building systems industry. We do so in in the spirit of extraordinary teamwork and partnership. Our project experience includes heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical lighting and power systems, instrumentation, and fire protection engineering. Because we have assembled all of these disciplines in one firm, we assure a well-coordinated design product. AEI now IMEG provides professional support throughout the construction phase, which enables us to provide an immediate response to construction-related issues.

The principals of AEI now IMEG are registered professional engineers in all of the New England states and are licensed in mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and civil/ structural engineering. Our principals and project managers average more than 25 years’ experience, and all principals are LEED accredited professionals.

AEI now IMEG fully embraces the principles of sustainable design and strives to incorporate environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, occupant comfort, and community sensitivity into our engineering solutions.

Our portfolio includes virtually every project type – laboratories, academic facilities, state office, public safety, municipal buildings, airport terminals, courthouses, transportation / infrastructure, commercial high-rise office buildings, corporate headquarters, tenant interiors, residential towers, libraries and museums. Our clients include federal and state agencies, municipalities and towns, and private corporations and owners.

We understand that each project requires a fresh perspective that requires active participation from all stake holders. We understand that collaboration requires an ability to listen, a willingness to pursue alternatives, and a knack for knowing what questions to ask at the appropriate time.

We have LEED accredited staff in every discipline and are committed to educating our clients about the latest relevant engineering solutions. We are active in many professional associations and serve in leadership roles of ACEC, ACEC/MA, IESNA and PWC Boston.

AEI now IMEG began priming work in 2002 and often enjoy reciprocal relationships with many of our clients. Sitting on both sides of the table enables us to practice from a unique perspective. As a sub-consultant, we understand the challenges our prime clients face, and we work towards making our interactions easier. As a prime consultant, we recognize our sub-consultants focus and work to bring them into a more integrated project experience.

Architectural Engineers, Inc. now IMEG

63 Franklin Street

Boston, MA 02110


NAICS: 541330