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ACEC/MA Supports the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (MCH)

On behalf of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts (ACEC/MA), I want to personally thank you for your donation to support the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (MCH). I am proud to be serving in a member organization that recognizes and prioritizes the needs of its community, particularly in difficult times such as these.

We set out to raise $25,000 for MCH, and thanks to you and more than 200 other donors representing 60 ACEC/MA member firms, we were able to raise nearly $40,000 - truly amazing!

In selecting an organization to donate to, we looked for a non-profit whose mission not only includes providing direct aid to our community but also includes addressing systemic issues and root causes. MCH has been at the forefront of this challenge, advocating on behalf of those who are experiencing homelessness throughout the Commonwealth. MCH’s advocacy has been instrumental in shaping a statewide plan to increase housing and shelter space to allow people to be safe during these uncertain times. In addition, MCH’s leadership on the issue of youth homelessness has provided an opportunity to convene a statewide strategy throughout the pandemic to create housing, services, and case management for the young population. 

MCH’s Executive Director, Robyn Frost, shared with ACEC/MA that each year, they partner with over 100 school districts across the Commonwealth to identify low-income students who need a bed.  This program is called “A Bed for Every Child.”  Last August, many school districts began reaching out to see if they could receive help in getting desks. MCH took on the challenge.  It designed and began building desks for students like Alexandra, an 8th grader in Salem who was using the floor as her desk, and Jorge, a 5th grader in Springfield who was using an ironing board, and Farah, a 2nd grader in Framingham, who had been using her bed as a desk. To date, MCH has delivered over 700 desks to future engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers, or even the future President of United States.  

We know our contributions will continue to fund important work for children and their families to help ease the burden of home insecurity in Massachusetts.  Thank you again for giving back.


Dennis J. Baker, P.E.
American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts

Architectural Engineers is proud to have contributed to this cause.