“We stress work-life balance, with an emphasis on life…” ~Robin Greenleaf, president

Culture can be forced, or it can evolve. At AEI, we’re proud to say our culture is constantly evolving, and that’s due to the diverse, unique, and talented staff we’re lucky enough to work with every day. We are a staff of 30+ people from many different ethnic and professional backgrounds. What we share is a deep respect for our co-workers, a desire to give our best at all times, and a professional work ethic that generates ownership and accountability at every stage.

So, what does that mean, in lay terms? Simply put, it means inclusion at every level. We are transparent, with ongoing discussions about business operations and profits and losses that affect every member of our firm. We are flexible and encourage autonomy, which in turn generates trust. We believe in early integration and learning on the job, and we firmly, firmly, believe that everyone has a voice.

We’re also a little bit zany, we celebrate successes, and we learn from our mistakes.

On a professional level, our principals and project managers are seasoned specialists in many different areas of our chosen fields. We push ourselves to accomplish new goals with an ongoing challenge to continue doing things differently, and better, while pushing into new technologies and markets. We also know when we’ve got a good thing going and we continually fine tune our procedures to exceed our client’s expectations.

We encourage involvement in professional associations. We offer leadership and professional development. We encourage our entry level designers to become certified EITs with the expectation of becoming professional engineers. We compensate well, are centrally located within easy walking distance of both North and South Stations and several subway stations and enjoy a modern architectural office in the heart of Downtown Crossing.

Several members of our staff have been with the firm for decades. Others have been here since their college internships and were hired right out of school. We are proud to say no one has voluntarily left the firm since 2014. And the one who did? He retired. At 82.

So, what is the culture at AEI? It’s simple. Everyone matters. Our colleagues, our clients, our owners, our families. And let’s not forget, our dogs.