Coronavirus Update/ Returning to the Office: AEI's is in the process of preparing our office for staff to return on a modified schedule, providing the City of Boston re-opening guidelines continue to move forward. During quarantine, AEI's staff have successfully worked remotely. Every staff member is equipped with the same equipment at home as they have in the office to ensure efficiency and seamless transitions between workstations. We will continue to work remotely and will provide a formal reopening date when it's available. At this time, only staff will be allowed in our space. Our contact information and policies on in person meetings and site visits remain the same as they have since early March. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Design Services

How we work

Our services are provided in the spirit of extraordinary teamwork and we engage stakeholders in all phases of a building project from feasibility study through construction. Careful attention to system selection, performance, cost, energy use, and opportunities for increased value to the owner is paid to each project without exception. We have a deep respect for the integration of mechanical and electrical system technology with the architecture of the building. And, our commitment to client service, collaboration, and technical mastery has led architects, owners and other engineering firms to entrust us with their important projects. We began priming work in 2002 and enjoy a nearly equal balance of prime and sub-consultant work.

With today’s complex project needs, we engage our clients throughout the design and construction administration process in a variety of ways:

  • Early in design, we educate stakeholders about the implications of design decisions, we engage town officials to ensure code compliance, and we explore utility rebate programs.
  • Using BIM and other modeling approaches such as clash detection, advanced lighting programs and laser scanning, we confirm performance and ensure building integration.
  • We collaborate continuously with our design team partners and involve industry experts, such as commissioning agents, acoustic consultants, cost estimators, surveyors, and medical designers among others, to ensure a full understanding of leading-edge technologies.
  • Working alongside contractors, we follow our designs through construction, and once the building is occupied, we seek valuable feedback to continuously improve our work.