Lighting Design

Nick Ferzacca, PE, LEED AP

Principal | Chief Electrical Engineer


Architectural Engineers takes a two-pronged approach to lighting design for both interior and exterior spaces. We often design full-fledged lighting systems for a variety of built environments, and we also offer our services to an architect or a lighting designer in a ‘design-assist’ capacity. By integrating our services these ways, we best support our clients by giving them the level of design and assistance needed to successfully illuminate our projects.

Our traditional full lighting design services provide oversight and guidance to clients who may know what they want but are unsure how to achieve their objectives. We integrate our knowledge of electrical engineering and power systems with their design aesthetic to create inspired lighting schemes that improve the user experience.

Our design-assist services help our architectural or lighting designer clients with the technical details necessary to complete a project, from the fixture schedule to schematics and cut-sheets. Part of this process includes producing the lighting compliance energy report at the end of the project, which is based on the energy code. When a different designer produces the lighting design, AEI creates the drawings in compliance with the energy code.

Lighting Controls

Controls are a sensitive subject in lighting design because they affect every user’s space uniformly, which may not meet every user’s need. Automatic controls are highly code driven and may be unpredictable, and occupancy-driven options often reduce energy use over time. AEI addresses this trade-off between simplicity and sophistication by analyzing the owner/operator’s end goals and the predicted usability of the space to design controls best suited to the intended use. Driven by consumption, the energy code is clear, and we make these two dissimilar factions communicate peaceably.

With a focus on safety, security, comfort and quality of visual environment, AEI delivers lighting design services to meet the needs of any built environment.

Some of our lighting design skills include:


  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Museum and gallery lighting
  • Transit platform lighting
  • Parking garage and surface lot lighting
  • Architectural Lighting


  • Light trespass analysis
  • Light pollution analysis
  • Occupancy sensor controls
  • Daylight harvesting
  • LEED and ASHRAE Support
  • Photometric calculations
    • Point to point lighting calculations
    • Lighting system modeling