Coronavirus Update/ Returning to the Office: AEI now IMEG is in the process of preparing our office for staff to return on a modified schedule, providing the City of Boston re-opening guidelines continue to move forward. During quarantine, AEI now IMEG's staff have successfully worked remotely. Every staff member is equipped with the same equipment at home as they have in the office to ensure efficiency and seamless transitions between workstations. We will continue to work remotely and will provide a formal reopening date when it's available. At this time, only staff will be allowed in our space. Our contact information and policies on in person meetings and site visits remain the same as they have since early March. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Plumbing Design

James Shannon, PE, LEED AP

Plumbing/Fire Protection Department Head


Hand in hand with our fire protection services, AEI now IMEG’s plumbing designers provide clients with code-compliant plumbing solutions that integrate with all engineered systems for a reliable built solution. We work with our clients to determine required and appropriate systems for each building space, assist with choosing fixtures and optimal locations, and calculate all components for size and compatibility. We take current or expected occupancy into consideration when determining which systems are to be utilized in a building, work with our clients and end users to identify the types of systems needed and determine the permitting and code requirements necessary to pass state inspection. We perform calculations in order to size pipes, grease traps, water heaters, compressors, ejector pumps, and gas, oil, and sand interceptors, among others.

Some of the plumbing systems we design and specify include:

  • Sanitary and storm drainage and vent systems
  • Natural gas systems
  • Medical gas systems
  • Laboratory gas systems
  • Hot and cold water distribution systems
  • Acid neutralization systems
  • Commercial kitchen systems
  • Grease waste systems

All plumbing systems designed by AEI now IMEG adhere to strict and relevant state plumbing codes, including Massachusetts State Plumbing Code 248 CMR.

AEI now IMEG is a member of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE).