Coronavirus Update/ Returning to the Office: AEI now IMEG is in the process of preparing our office for staff to return on a modified schedule, providing the City of Boston re-opening guidelines continue to move forward. During quarantine, AEI now IMEG's staff have successfully worked remotely. Every staff member is equipped with the same equipment at home as they have in the office to ensure efficiency and seamless transitions between workstations. We will continue to work remotely and will provide a formal reopening date when it's available. At this time, only staff will be allowed in our space. Our contact information and policies on in person meetings and site visits remain the same as they have since early March. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

University of Massachusetts Tobin Hall Core Renovation and Psychology Dept. Relocation, Amherst, Mass.

AEI performed programmatic scoping and study, design and CA for renovation to core areas of 4th, 5th and 6th floor in order to relocate the Psychology Dept. to this building. Work included replacing mechanical systems in the core areas. Energy efficiency measures included incorporating variable air flow, energy recovery and economizer controls. Upgrades also include … Read more

Middlesex Community College Federal Building HVAC Upgrades, Lowell, Mass.

AEI provided MEP/FP study, design and CA of a roof replacement project. The components include four rooftop units, an indoor air handling unit with an associated exhaust fan, and energy recovery. AEI performed a ventilation analysis and determined building and energy code requirements, then worked with a third-party cost estimator to determine cost of replacement … Read more

Springfield Technical Community College Arc Flash Studies

AEI performed an Arc Flash study for 16 out of 20 buildings on the 35-acre campus. Arc flash labels were then created for switchboards, panel-boards and motor control centers to comply with NFPA 70 and 70E requirements. These labels provide electrical characteristics, including system voltage, available fault current, clearing time of over-current protective device and … Read more

University of Massachusetts Whitmore Hall Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades, Amherst, Mass.

As prime consultant, AEI provided MEP/FP study, design and CA services, and through our consultants, architecture, structural and environmental engineering, for complex HVAC and electrical upgrades including the conversion of a former server room to swing office space, and replacement of the existing constant volume dual duct mixing boxes and existing main electrical gear. The … Read more

University of Massachusetts Lincoln Campus Center Cooling Tower Upgrades, Amherst, Mass.

Architectural Engineers provided MEP/FP study, design and CA services to replace the cooling equipment in the Lincoln Campus Center high rise at UMass Amherst. AEI investigated the capital needs, and evaluated alternatives and replacement recommendations for the cooling tower and condenser water system, which were original to the building and past their useful life. An … Read more

University of Massachusetts Thompson Hall Lobby Renovation, Amherst, Mass.

AEI provided MEP/FP programming, study, design and CA for this high-rise lobby and surrounding areas. The main area of focus is to upgrade the HVAC systems and respond to the code mandated upgrades triggered by this work. Components include interactive display monitors, new light fixtures, sprinklers, fire alarms, and upgraded MEP/FP systems for the new … Read more

University of Massachusetts Electrical Life Safety Upgrades, Amherst, Mass.

Through its prime house doctor contract, AEI designed electrical engineering upgrades to the life safety systems throughout the 219,000 SF Fine Arts Center. The scope included design of a building addition to house the new emergency power generator, construction of new electric rooms throughout the building to house emergency power panels, and replacement of the … Read more

Cape Cod Community College Elevator and Roof Replacement and Energy Upgrades

AEI provided MEP/FP study, design and CA services for elevator replacements and roof upgrades at Cape Cod Community College. The project involved energy efficiency studies of the HVAC systems in a variety of room-types in several campus buildings. AEI investigated upgrade options for the original HVAC system for improved performance, energy efficiency, reliability and air … Read more

Massachusetts Bay Community College Exterior Lighting Improvements

AEI provided electrical engineering and site lighting improvements on the Wellesley Hills Campus. AEI first performed point-to-point lighting calculations to determine required improvements, then developed recommendations for lighting areas and provided construction documents for new lighting, trenching, circuiting and controls as necessary. The firm worked with architect’s cost estimator to provide sufficient information to develop … Read more

Roxbury Community College Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings Program, Roxbury, Mass.

AEI wrote non-renewable energy conservation measures in all campus buildings related to plumbing fixture and water heater replacement, water conservation improvements, cooling tower replacement, boiler replacement, air handling unit replacement, automatic temperature controls systems upgrades, and LED lighting replacement and retrofits.