Endemic to our culture, participation in professional organizations is highly encouraged for its incalculable benefits to personal and professional development. We actively communicate upcoming networking events and encourage staff to become members of organizations that spark an interest and contribute to their professional growth. Whenever possible, we ask employees to join a committee and to get involved. The benefits far outweigh the time out of the office.
Leading by example, each AEI principal demonstrates a commitment to the industry by serving in a leadership role in professional organizations.
PWC Boston: Susan and Nick are part of the original group that formed PWC Boston. Susan is an inaugural member of the board of directors and Nick is a member of the Outreach committee.

ACEC: Robin and Joel have each served as national vice chair, on the planning cabinet, and on the executive committee of the Coalition of American Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (CAMEE). Robin was on the nominating committee as well as the five-member executive search committee for the new ACEC president and CEO.

ACEC/MA: Robin and Joel have also each served on the board of directors, the executive committee and as president. Nick is currently serving on the board and is currently co-chair of the Building Engineering Committee.

IES/ASHRAE: Nick served as co-chair of the joint SPC 189 committee responsible for new high performance Green Building standards.

NCEES: Joel completed a 12-year commitment to the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Involvement included serving on the complaint investigation committee; was the only engineer on the rewrite committee of 250 CMR, the rules and regulations for the practice of engineering and land surveying; and served as board vice-chair and chair.